Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Generate Your Own Magnetic Energy

Almost everyone (except the energy supply companies because they did not want you to know any of this) have searched numerous ways to generate their own free electrical energy. What come to their mind is something that is common such as solar energy, wind, air turbine and what not. But did you know that your average magnet that you think can only hold up notes on your refrigerator can also give you abundance of free clean energy? That's right my friend. It's now become a trend to use magnetic energy as a clean and efficient energy sources. Here is my top 3 reasons why you should go green with the magnetic energy.

Reason number 1 is obviously you can cut down your expenses on electric bills. Did you know that on average, people who succeed making their own magnetic energy generator can save for up to 70% of their monthly electric bill just by using their own magnetic energy generator. Many people have tremendous success with their own project of generating free energy with magnets that some of them have reported 100% saving from electric bill!

My reason number 2 is that everyone can make their own magnetic energy generator as a do-it-yourself project. I'm sure you might be thinking that this revolutionary magnetic energy generator is hard to be built for someone with little experience on electric and science.. I need to stress out here that you are wrong with that assumption. With the current advancement of audio video technology and of course the internet as the number one source of information, now everyone can built their own magnetic generator by the aid of high quality videos and ebooks! The process of building one is simplified by the help of step-by-step guide that will tells you what you should and should not do when trying to build one. What it takes is a right mindset that you can actually successfully build it in not more than a week. Some can even get it done in 2 hours!

My last reason number 3 is that you can make money with this technology. As I mentioned earlier, this kind of technology is relatively new and not many even know about it. My suggestion is that if you have succeeded making your first magnetic energy generator, then why not you try to make it public. Let people know that you have a solution to cut down their electric bills as much as 70% or even cut it down completely! Then charge them a reasonable price for your service in making their own little powerhouse. Or even better, if you successfully make a generator that can generate electricity beyond what your house is needed, sell it to your energy supplier company. They'll more than happy to pay you for your excess energy.

So is a magnet energy generator a realistic option? You bet it is. Just look at the superb benefits you could get from building your own unit that I have listed above. Keep in mind that they are completely safe, easy and cheap to build and you could genuinely save hundreds on your electric bill and more.

Now, I know some of you wanted to know how you can also tap into this free energy phenomenon. So if you are really serious about this controversial topic, I highly recommend you to go to Magnetic Energy website. On the site, you'll be amaze of how much information that you have left out during your life.

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